Graphic Design 


Frontline Quarterly MagazineGGFrontMirror1GGFrontMirror2GGFrontMirror4GGFrontMirror5GGFrontMirror7

GGFrontOranGGFrontMorrowGGFrontZantacGGFrontKidsGGFrontDermArt Director and designer for entire magazine (grid already established). Collaborated with writers, photographers, illustrators and printers.



Summer Solstice Campaign Materials  GGSummerDesigned logo for company campaign which included print pieces, posters and decorations.



“Eat Smart” Logo and Promotional Materialscropped-ggeatsmart.pngDesigned “Eat Smart” logo for wellness center.  Used existing apple logo  with bright color to create unique pieces that made the campaign cohesive.  



Glaxo Ink NewsletterGGInkGroupGGInkZofranGGinkZantacGGInkCampaignGGInkSanders.pngArt Director and designer for entire newsletter (grid already established). Collaborated with writers, photographers, illustrators and printers.



Site Service Department Logo and CollateralGGSiteSerGGSiteArt (1)   GGSSWatch       Logo used company-wide for the Site Services Division.



Computer Virus Awareness BrochureGGComptVirusDesigned brochure using color and type to create a cohesive image 



Educational Sales MaterialsGGCutivate






Give Campaign BrochureGGGiveCreated brochure for campaign using existing logo




National Society of Pharmaceutical Sales Trainers Conference BrochureGGNatSociety.pngCreated brochure using existing photo 



“Ring” Campaign GGringDesigned logo and illustration for an in-house information campaign.



First Aid Poster for company daycareGGFirstAidDesigned Poster with an illustrator to create black and white whimsical and childlike images. Then incorporating the images in the poster and adding bright color and  fun type.   Intended to be viewed more as artwork than a sterile first-aid poster.


Exhibit Design


North Carolina Alternative Energy CooperativeGGDisplayLongGGDisplayPhotoGGDisplayGraphGGDisplay2        Worked with art director of exhibit to design graphics and photograph images. 


Masters of Knowledge – featuring the original Jeopardy host, Art FlemingGGDisplayJepoardy            Designed the structure of display.  Created a system that could be broken down and transferred to locations for multiple use. Graphics and type could be easily changed and reproduced.  









GGbwEgg                        GGbwCoconut




GGBWTeaPot   GGBWBasket




GGbwTrio  GGbwTrikeGGbwGroup




GGJake5GGJake1  GGJake2  GGJake3  GGJake4  GGJake5  GGJake6  GGJake7




GGbwNathan            GGJakeCow




GGChildren1PurpleGGDhildrenTwo2Blue  GGChildren5  GGChildren1




GGpotteryVines  GGEgyptGGpotteryTeaPot  GGPotteryGobletBlueGGPotteryBrownLid  GG[otterySalt3GGPotteryRed  GGPotteryMugSetGGPottery2Bowls  GGpotteryRaku




GGsmallstone  GGAluminum






6 thoughts on “Portfolio”

  1. Gwyn, YOU did a great job! Thank you for sharing our artistic abilities with those around you. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to seeing more:)


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